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Thanksgiving Pronunciation Guide

Learn to pronounce words associated with Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving Day is a national holiday celebrated in Canada and the United States. It is celebrated on the second Monday of October in Canada and on the fourth Thursday of November in the United States.

In the United States, the modern Thanksgiving holiday tradition is commonly traced to a 1621 celebration at which took place in Plymouth, Massachusetts. It's a time when families get together and generally eat a large meal consisting of food such as roast turkey or pumpkin pie.

In this pronunciation guide you'll find out how to pronounce some of the foods usually eaten at Thanksgiving as well as other terms associated with the holiday.

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Thanksgiving words

List of words related to Thanksgiving

  • acorn: произношение acorn [en]
  • America: произношение America [en]
  • American: произношение American [en]
  • Apple: произношение Apple [en]
  • apple pie: произношение apple pie [en]
  • ate: произношение ate [en]
  • autumn: произношение autumn [en]
  • bake: произношение bake [en]
  • baste: произношение baste [en]
  • beans: произношение beans [en]
  • bread: произношение bread [en]
  • buns: произношение buns [en]
  • canoe: произношение canoe [en]
  • carve: произношение carve [en]
  • casserole: произношение casserole [en]
  • celebrate: произношение celebrate [en]
  • centerpiece: произношение centerpiece [en]
  • colonists: произношение colonists [en]
  • cook: произношение cook [en]
  • corn: произношение corn [en]
  • cornbread: произношение cornbread [en]
  • cornucopia: произношение cornucopia [en]
  • Cranberries: произношение Cranberries [en]
  • cranberry: произношение cranberry [en]
  • delicious: произношение delicious [en]
  • dessert: произношение dessert [en]
  • dine: произношение dine [en]
  • dinner: произношение dinner [en]
  • dish: произношение dish [en]
  • drumstick: произношение drumstick [en]
  • eat: произношение eat [en]
  • fall: произношение fall [en]
  • family: произношение family [en]
  • feast: произношение feast [en]
  • fish: произношение fish [en]
  • football: произношение football [en]
  • friends: произношение friends [en]
  • giblets: произношение giblets [en]
  • gobble: произношение gobble [en]
  • grandparents: произношение grandparents [en]
  • grateful: произношение grateful [en]
  • gratitude: произношение gratitude [en]
  • gravy: произношение gravy [en]
  • ham: произношение ham [en]
  • harvest: произношение harvest [en]
  • holiday: произношение holiday [en]
  • home: произношение home [en]
  • Indian: произношение Indian [en]
  • leaf: произношение leaf [en]
  • leaves: произношение leaves [en]
  • leftovers: произношение leftovers [en]
  • Massachusetts: произношение Massachusetts [en]
  • Massasoit: произношение Massasoit [en]
  • Mayflower: произношение Mayflower [en]
  • meal: произношение meal [en]
  • meat: произношение meat [en]
  • melting-pot: произношение melting-pot [en]
  • napkin: произношение napkin [en]
  • native: произношение native [en]
  • Native American: произношение Native American [en]
  • November: произношение November [en]
  • oven: произношение oven [en]
  • parents: произношение parents [en]
  • pecan pie: произношение pecan pie [en]
  • pilgrim: произношение pilgrim [en]
  • platter: произношение platter [en]
  • Plymouth: произношение Plymouth [en]
  • Plymouth Rock: произношение Plymouth Rock [en]
  • pots: произношение pots [en]
  • pumpkin: произношение pumpkin [en]
  • Pumpkin Pie: произношение Pumpkin Pie [en]
  • recipe: произношение recipe [en]
  • roast: произношение roast [en]
  • rolls: произношение rolls [en]
  • sail: произношение sail [en]
  • salad: произношение salad [en]
  • sauce: произношение sauce [en]
  • serve: произношение serve [en]
  • settlers: произношение settlers [en]
  • Squanto: произношение Squanto [en]
  • squash: произношение squash [en]
  • stuffing: произношение stuffing [en]
  • sweet corn: произношение sweet corn [en]
  • sweet potato: произношение sweet potato [en]
  • tablecloth: произношение tablecloth [en]
  • taste: произношение taste [en]
  • tasty: произношение tasty [en]
  • thankful: произношение thankful [en]
  • Thanksgiving: произношение Thanksgiving [en]
  • Thursday: произношение Thursday [en]
  • Tisquantum: произношение Tisquantum [en]
  • turkey: произношение turkey [en]
  • tradition: произношение tradition [en]
  • vegetables: произношение vegetables [en]
  • voyage: произношение voyage [en]
  • Wampanoag: произношение Wampanoag [en]
  • wishbone: произношение wishbone [en]
  • yam: произношение yam [en]
  • Happy Thanksgiving!: произношение Happy Thanksgiving! [en]