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Country: Spain

Language: испанский

Place: Pamplona

San Fermines

Learn to pronounce nouns and expressions related to San Fermín

Are you going to Pamplona this year to enjoy the festivities of San Fermín, but you don't know how to pronounce the names of cattle branches like Victoriano del Río? What about vocabulary related to bullfighting?

With this guide, Forvo offers you the possibility to learn the necessary vocabulary to understand better this festivity and the activities that are carried out during the second week of July in the city of Pamplona, as well as the corresponding pronunciation of each word or phrase.

San Fermín

Learn to pronounce words and expressions related to San Fermín.

  • barraca произношение barraca [es]
  • cabezudo произношение cabezudo [es]
  • calle произношение calle [es]
  • charanga произношение charanga [es]
  • chistorra произношение chistorra [es]
  • chocolate con churros произношение chocolate con churros [es]
  • Chupinazo произношение Chupinazo [es]
  • clarinero произношение clarinero [es]
  • cohete произношение cohete [es]
  • comparsa произношение comparsa [es]
  • corredor произношение corredor [es]
  • Diana произношение Diana [es]
  • Ernest Hemingway произношение Ernest Hemingway [en]
  • fuegos artificiales произношение fuegos artificiales [es]
  • gaitero произношение gaitero [es]
  • gerrikoa произношение gerrikoa [eu]
  • gigante произношение gigante [es]
  • Iruña произношение Iruña [eu]
  • jota произношение jota [es]
  • kalimotxo произношение kalimotxo [eu]
  • montón произношение montón [es]
  • pacharán произношение pacharán [es]
  • Pamplona произношение Pamplona [es]
  • patrón произношение patrón [es]
  • peña произношение peña [es]
  • periódico произношение periódico [es]
  • plaza произношение plaza [es]
  • procesión произношение procesión [es]
  • recorrido произношение recorrido [es]
  • San Fermín произношение San Fermín [es]
  • San Lorenzo произношение San Lorenzo [es]
  • tramo произношение tramo [es]
  • txistulari произношение txistulari [eu]
  • vallado произношение vallado [es]
  • vara произношение vara [es]
  • zaldiko произношение zaldiko [eu]
  • ¡Pobre de mí! произношение ¡Pobre de mí! [es]