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Country: Germany

Language: немецкий

Place: Munich


Learn to pronounce types of beer and words associated with the world's biggest beer festival

With our Oktoberfest pronunciation guide learn how to order a beer or some food and ask for the bill while you are in Germany.

Also learn how to ask for different types of beer, and learn how to pronounce the names of German foods like sauerkraut, wurst and spätzle.

Oktoberfest is the world's largest beer festival held annually in Munich, Germany.

Photo: Marstall Tent Oktoberfest 2015 via photopin (license)

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Types of German beer

Learn to pronounce the names of types of German beer

  • Reinheitsgebot произношение Reinheitsgebot [de]
  • Weizenbier произношение Weizenbier [de]
  • Weißbier произношение Weißbier [de]
  • Weizenbock произношение Weizenbock [de]
  • Roggenbier произношение Roggenbier [de]
  • Hefeweizen произношение Hefeweizen [de]
  • Kristallweizen произношение Kristallweizen [de]
  • Kottbusser произношение Kottbusser [de]
  • Altbier произношение Altbier [de]
  • export произношение export [de]
  • helles произношение helles [de]
  • Kölsch произношение Kölsch [de]
  • Maibock произношение Maibock [de]
  • Märzen произношение Märzen [de]
  • Pilsener произношение Pilsener [de]
  • spezial произношение spezial [de]
  • bock произношение bock [de]
  • Doppelbock произношение Doppelbock [de]
  • dunkles произношение dunkles [de]
  • Schwarzbier произношение Schwarzbier [de]